Friday, January 18, 2019

Human Anatomy Museum

Here is the right place to learn about medicine and human health. The Human Anatomy Museum displays information about human health through real human organ specimens, artificial human skeleton model and related health posters.

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Exploring Human Body (2 hours)

Choice of TWO activities

1) 5 Amazing human senses!

2) The powerfull heart in circulatory system

3) Bone structure

4) Where are our muscles?

5) A tour of your respiratory system

6) Your brain and nervous system

7) Where does the urine come from?

8) Boys VS Girls

9) What happens to the food we eat?

10) How are drugs being developed


MyKad: RM24.00 (Adult)   |  RM12.00 (Childs/S.Citizen)

Non Mykad: RM36.00 (Adult)  |  RM18.00 (Childs/S.Citizen)

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